About ANKU College

 Ankara University Development Foundation Private Anatolian High School or briefly ANKU College is one of the most known and successful private schools in Ankara. ANKU College was founded in 1996 on the purpose of establishing a school which would lead the modern education in the national education system with the scientific support of Ankara University.


It is located on the terrain of Ankara University Science Faculty Astronomy and Space Sciences’ Observatory, in a campus which is surrounded by nature. Furthermore, our school’s mission is keeping with Ataturk’s principle, is to raise students who can think critically and globally, communicate well embrace cultural and ethical values, be beneficial for their society, efficiently use a foreign language, meet the requirements of 21st century and who are responsible and self-confident.


ANKU DF Schools which provide education under Ankara  University Development Foundation are directly linked with Ankara University in this context and are supported by Ankara University regarding academic issues. Our “Academic Advisory Board” which consists of experts and experienced academicians from Ankara University supports our school in preparing, assessing and developing education programs.


Each year, ANKU College organizes several activities such as History Student Conference, Science Fair, “Der Deutschtag”, Francophonie and many more to teach us “Education is not just composed of school lessons." This year, as MUN Club Students we are delivering the third session of ACMUN. We hope that ACMUN would bring remarkable experiences for all while helping delegates face global issues, offer solutions and work together.