February 18-20, 2022


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Welcome Letter 

Dear participants of ACMUN’22,


It is a great honour and privilege to welcome you, on behalf of the organization team, to the fifth annual session of ANKU College Model United Nations, ACMUN. 

It is important for us to provide you with an educational - yet fun conference - on the latest and some of the most crucial topics of our time. We hope to help you gain new life skills, friends, knowledge, different perspectives, awareness about the current issues, public speaking skills, and most importantly, the ability to understand and solve problems with creative and innovative ways, that are beneficial to all.


This year, we will be hosting 5 GA committees, which are GA1: Disarmament and International Security, GA2: Economical and Financial, GA3: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural, GA4: Special, Political and Decolonization, and GA6: Legal. We also have Economical and Social Council, Security Council, a Junior Humanitarian Committee, finally yet importantly World Health Organization.


With this year’s theme: “No time to lose”, the committees will work on taking immediate and concerted actions towards addressing the key problems and challenges that the World and humanity faces in our time. Creating a peaceful world, putting an end to discrimination, and, protecting the basic human rights of all - will be the focus of the work of the committees. With such topics at hand, we hope to see all ACMUN participants conduct the necessary research regarding the theme and have a fruitful debate.


We are going to update our website constantly, informing on our progress, and you will be able to access all the necessary information about the conference, not only from our website, but also from our social media platforms listed below. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any further questions or concerns. We hope ACMUN’22 will be an unforgettable experience for all participants.  We are looking forward to seeing you in February.


Aden Kahiloğulları,


The President of the General Assembly

Theme Letter

For civilizations, humankind has always sought a cause. It first started with inventions out of pure curiosity, these inventions then led to development. Isolated civilizations realized that they weren’t the only ones habituating the earth. Soon, the societies we know started to form themselves. This, however, was not the easiest task. People started to realize that certain rules and systems had to be established first which was a challenge on its own as different perspectives were thrown to the table. Some seriously defended their opinion, to the point of expecting others to believe in the same as them. Societies came to realize what violence was, by then. Little arguments among members of these populations resulted in wars between nations. Humanity realized the seriousness of defending one another, protecting the right to live with World War 2 and its gigantic casualties. Experiments, genocide, deaths...Nations and the populations themselves realized the importance of protecting even the most basic of human rights, the right to live. Even in the 21st Century, many people are stripped of their rights. From black people to women, from children to innocent lives...The issue the world had to endure for years is still the topic of discussion.


          As members of societies, we must be aware of the importance of time as human beings. As the time passes, we do realize that the time left to sort out sevreral crucial issues around globe is narrowing down every single day. Taking immidiate action before more and more lives are affected negatively will be the key to today. That is why we, as the organizing team of ACMUN’22, have chosen the theme “No time to lose” this year in ACMUN’22. Throughout these rather frustrating times of our lives, we have come to realize the importance of supporting each other. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the medical world has fought with blood, sweat, and tears. They did not care whether their patient was from a street or had disabilities. They did not care whether their patient was a woman or elderly. They did not separate one patient from another and fought with equal strength whomever they are treating. The same goes for our societies, in order to reach a more peaceful world, we must first not divide.


     It is clear that the World is globalizing more each day. With the effect of inovations, technology and industry, World evolves into somewhere extremely different from yesterday. Humanity is developing and change at the same time, but much faster when compared top past. Our jobs and lifes became much quicker and merciless to wasted time more than ever. Every day, something brand new comes into our daily life. With this new pace, new problems started to took place, coming right next to the ones we already have. On one hand, there are  problems that we took with us up to now, remainig unsolved; on the other hand there are issues completely new and musn’ t be carried to future. We have no time to lose for like before. Action must be taken immediately, before it is too late to do so.


          Our hope for our participants is to come up with resolutions that can be considered as our first steps toward a better world, where we leave no one behind. Huge leaps can only be achieved by small steps, let’s take these small steps together. Let’s give hope to those believing they are alone in this world. Let’s defend those who are unable to let their voices be heard. We, as the younger generation of our century, are working towards change and this is the key to success as we are not only inspiring our peers but the older generation as well. It is important to know that solutions are there as building blocks, ready to be used to achieve a world where humans do not fight with each other but work together to develop the globe both physically and mentally. In these times of hardships and constant bad news, let’s create a light, a hope for all to follow. We cannot achieve this if we leave even a single person behind. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are bigger. As our ancestors themselves said, two heads are better than one. With these remarks, I as the Secretary-general on behalf of the organization team would be pleased to welcome you to our conference. We are looking forward to seeing your honoring participation and highly efficient solutions.


Best regards,



Onur Başaran

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